Friday, February 5, 2010

The Adventures of Amy and Alley...(part four,continued)

I know you are probably anxiously awaiting news on Mr. Tortoise. Well in turns out that Mr. Tortoise is not a desert tortoise after all. He is a water turtle!

He was on is way to join 10 other desert tortoises who are hibernating in the tortoise lady's bathroom. But when he arrived it was determined that he was a water turtle and so he will be joining the other water turtles in the pond in the backyard of the tortoise lady's house.

Amy and Alley and I both miss Mr. Tortoise, who is not a tortoise but a water turtle. But we are glad he has found an accommodating new home. He was a handful that is for sure. He did not like to be in the box they told us to keep him in. He was always escaping. It's no wonder that he probably meandered away from someone's backyard pond. He did not like to stay put. I only hope that he does not wander from where he is now.

Amy and Alley are still perplexed by the whole event. While they were never comfortable with him being here, they were sad to see him leave. And they are still trying to figure out what or for that matter who that was...

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