Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've visited with you all. Sometimes life is just too busy, not with anything big, but with lots of little stuff. I have been thinking of you though and I'm anxious to play catch up.

I'm sure that you are all wondering how Amy and Allie are doing. Well they seem to be over the whole tortoise/water turtle incident. Now we are on to bunnies. Last spring we had baby bunnies all over the neighborhood. They would dart through the yard when we would walk outside. They would hop in front of the car when we were driving. They were everywhere! Now we have at least two who have taken residence in our yard. One lives in the bush in the front and another appears to live behind the retaining wall in the back. It has become a common occurrence to see them hopping about. They have, in fact, become a regular part of the morning routine. Amy and Allie and I will make our way into the kitchen and Amy will spot the bunny first. She sits by the window watching with longing in her eyes. I have no idea what she thinks she might do with that bunny if she ever caught up to him, but she longs. Alley is too busy eating at this point. But after she finishes she always asks to go outside. And she doesn't see the bunny so I open the door a crack, thus giving said bunny a running head start and then I open the door the rest of the way. Allie sees the bunny and runs! But Mr. Bunny always manages to hop over the wall before Allie gets to him, thanks in part to that little head start I give. I can't wait until spring. I'm anticipating many babies.

You might be wondering why I talk so much about animals. Well I love them, not in a PETA sort of way, but I love to watch them and to interact with them. I do realize that humans are more important, but I also believe that animals can and do bring joy into our lives. That's why God gave them to us. Lots of other blogs I read are by young mothers' talking about their kids and I love to read them. And I would do that too except that I am an older mother with two teenage daughters who have placed a gag order on me. I know better that to tell you all stories about them. And before I offend my other two...I do have an older daughter and a son who are on there own. And I am so proud of both of them. And I have three wonderful grandchildren, but I'll leave it up to them to decide if they want to tell their stories. As for me, I'll talk about my animals. And any strays that might cross my path.

I mentioned my busyness and one of the things that is keeping me busy is my Avon business. I've been working on it for almost a year now and it's stating to take off. It's exciting! I spent all of this past Tuesday afternoon sorting through products, packing orders, and printing invoices. And I'm learning through my mistakes how to be more efficient and that's a good thing. So if you're ever interested in ordering Avon or you would like to check out all of the many new products we have coming out (such as the new Mega Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick) then please just let me know.

Another thing that has been keeping us busy is the launching of my husband's new radio station! But that story I will save as it is worthy of it's very own post.

Well, enough for now. See you next time.

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  1. Thanks for the new blog, I had been waiting for a new read! Everyone has their own niche and yours seems to be animals! You are so good at capturing their thoughts and making them entertaining to read about. So keep doing what comes naturally no apologies! I enjoy.