Monday, January 11, 2010

The Adventures of Amy and Alley...(part two)

Amy is most annoyed that Allie gets to go outside whenever she wants to. "Why is that fair?" "Who made that rule?" I'm sure are the thoughts going through her head every time Allie gets to venture in the great outdoors.

But every once in awhile Amy escapes. She knows she is not suppose to. And she knows she will be in big time trouble, but that does not deter her from the occasional outside adventure.

And I think that Allie just may be in cahoots with her...

Allie knows how to open the back slider. When the screen is not closed all the way she can inch her nose in and push it to the side. And she does this all the time. The problem is she doesn't close the door behind her. I think she may have a deal with Amy. I can just hear her saying, "leave the door open and I won't swat you next time you walk by"...hmmm...maybe more like blackmail...

Anyways Allie left the back screen open the other day. No one was in the room at the time so no one noticed. But when we did walk in and we saw the screen cracked ever so slightly...well we knew. And the search began.

Amy had not gotten far. And she knows when she is caught the gig is up and she runs back in.

And she did.

Only she had a lizard in her mouth. A lizard with no tail because she probably bit it off.

We didn't notice the lizard until she was inside. And needless to say we were not amused. And we were not quite sure what to do next.

Then Amy lost interest, dropped the lizard, and the lizard was no where to be found.

Well that's another fine mess those two had gotten us into.

We searched, we pulled furniture out, we pulled knick knacks out, and we searched some more.

Allie was of no help. She went upstairs to hide as she often does when anything is amiss. Amy was of no help. She had long since forgotten about "her" lizard.

Finally about 20 minutes later the way word creature was spotted, scooped up and returned to the backyard. Allie came back downstairs to make amends for the problems she had caused and Amy, well Amy curled up and took a nap after this last exhausting adventure of Amy and Allie.


  1. That my good woman, is quite amusing indeed. May I tell you of a way these actions would stop immediately?! Ohhhh uuuuuu nooooo. :)

  2. When's the picture book coming out. I love it, its so funny.