Monday, January 18, 2010


We had a stowaway last night, even though the door was closed.

She sneaked in when the search lights went on.

The search lights went on when the helicopter flew by.

I don't know why the helicopter flew by. But it tends to do that a little too much these days.

When the search lights came on after the helicopter flew by I opened the door and that's when she darted by.

I didn't even notice.

I was too busy checking with my daughter making sure that she was fine and not freaked out by the search lights which came on after the helicopter flew by.

After the helicopter flew by and the search lights went on and I opened the door to make sure my daughter was fine, the search lights went out and the helicopter was gone and my daughter was well so the door was closed.

Not realizing that the furry little one had snuck by...

Not realizing until the sun came up and the furry little one was on the bed with her wake-up meows at least an hour too early which is why the door was closed.

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