Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Christmas

It's January 3rd, time to take the Christmas decorations down. And we're working on it. Not feeling at the top of my game today so the going is slow. The Christmas tree will be gone for sure by the end of the day, fire hazard you know. But the rest of it...well it's likely to be an ongoing project. But that's okay.

I have mixed emotions about packing it all up. It's sad to see it all go, to see Christmas over. And yet it's nice to feel the new beginnings and to peel away the layers of clutter. It fits January to be somewhat empty and barren in the same way that it fits December to be filled to the brim. Filled with decorations and activities and food and shopping. And after so much excess the quiet stillness of January is a welcome friend. The friend who visits only once a year and can't stay too long because life will quickly fill the void that the first few days of the New Year brings.

And that's okay too.

The trick is in learning how to tune into the rhythm of life and it goes all so much easier when we learn to flow right along with it.

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