Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girls behaving badly

Sometimes the world is just too much for me. I just don't like to see the direction it is headed. I know that it is to be expected. And I know that it will not get any better until Jesus comes back. Actually it will just get worse and worse. But I still don't like it!

And I don't like the way girls are behaving these days.

I believe that it's the women who set the standards. If women expect to be treated well they will be treated well. If women command respect they will be respected. A woman should set herself on a pedestal and stay there until she finds the man who will keep her there. And he will be found and he is worth waiting for.

But girls today are not taught this. Girls today are acting like sluts. And our whole society is paying the price.

Case in point, someone told me of a 12 year old girl sending what amounted to be porno pictures of herself to her boyfriend (please, a 12 year old with a boyfriend!). He in turn forwarded them to everyone in school and now they are all calling her a slut...HELLO, I believe she is acting like one. Now the girl's mom is angry with the boy for forwarding the pictures and yes he was wrong. And yes the boy's mom should lay into him (which she is not), but what are boys to think when girls act this way? No one is setting any standards. Not the girls or the mothers. Again, I ask you, what are boys to think?

The bar has gotten so low. Our children are bombarded with all kinds of bad behavior on TV and in movies and lots of times from watching their own families. What hope do we have for any future generations rising above all of this?

Somewhere we have to stop the madness! And it's going to have to come from the women. Men will take note if women start expecting, or rather demanding better.

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